Pellegrinaggio in Italia

Pellegrinaggio in Italia

Founded by Augustinian friars, Merrimack College retains strong ties to the philosophy and exemplary life of St. Augustine of Hippo (354-430 CE).

Born in present-day Algeria, St. Augustine influenced the practice of Christianity in Rome and around the world. For two decades, Merrimack students have journeyed to Europe to follow in his footsteps through Pellegrinaggio in Italia (Pilgrimage in Italy), as part of a special spring seminar course.

After arriving in Milan, students on Pellegrinaggio use San Gimignano as their base to explore Tuscany, before ending their trip with a tour of Rome.

The seminar course and trip are steeped in the art, architecture, archaeology, literature and history from the fourth and fifth century, as well as the history of Augustinians in medieval and renaissance Italy. Buon viaggio, intrepid Merrimack explorers!

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