Preparing Tomorrow's Teachers

Preparing Tomorrow’s Teachers

For students, trusted advice and guidance from a teacher can make all the difference. But where do educators turn when they need mentors of their own? Merrimack is stepping up to meet this critical need through The Merrimack Institute for New Teacher Support (MINTS).

Research shows that 44% of educators are very or fairly likely to leave teaching within the next two years—and lack of support and mentorship is a major contributor to the trend. An initiative from the Winston School of Education and Social Policy, MINTS seeks to bolster retention rates by providing early teachers with the support they need to thrive inside and outside the classroom. Through lectures, workshops and professional development opportunities, the program connects participants to a vibrant community of new and veteran teachers who can share their experiences, offer mentorship, and help them navigate the challenging early years of their career.

Preparing Tomorrow’s Teachers

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